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May 01 2017

The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow Jonathan is currently reading The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow
The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore
20 copies available, ends on May 23, 2017
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April 27 2017

The Mavericks - Damned (If You Do)

April 24 2017

No Words, I'm Drinki

No Words, I'm Drinking

Lydia Ainsworth - Wicked Game

April 21 2017

Copycat Panera Bread

Copycat Panera Bread Macaroni and Cheese

Friday Flashback - Flash and the Pan

April 19 2017

The Family Plot by Cherie Priest Jonathan gave 4 stars to The Family Plot (Hardcover) by Cherie Priest
bookshelves: fiction, horror
Pretty good! Priest did a good job of slowly unfolding the weirdness in the house and putting real sounding people through strange happenings. It unfolded slowly but deliciously.
The Buried Life by Carrie Patel
10 copies available, ends on April 27, 2017
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April 17 2017

Goldfrapp - Systemagic

Gin Buck

Gin Buck

April 14 2017

Flashback Friday - 80s New Wave earworms

April 11 2017

Porcelain Raft - Big Sur

April 10 2017

Veggie Egg Muffins |

Veggie Egg Muffins | Nutritioulicious

Richard Nixon by John A. Farrell Jonathan wants to read Richard Nixon: The Life by John A. Farrell

April 05 2017

The Bats - Antlers
The Last Town on Earth by Thomas Mullen Jonathan wants to read The Last Town on Earth by Thomas Mullen
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