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June 21 2017

Ozomatli - Eres

June 13 2017

June 09 2017

Flashback Friday: Nick Lowe - Labour Of Lust

June 05 2017

Wire - Forever & a Day

June 03 2017

May 31 2017

The Perfect Old Fash

The Perfect Old Fashioned

The Angelus - The Other Side Of The Mountain
Before This Is Over by Amanda Hickie
25 copies available, ends on June 08, 2017
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May 30 2017

War Machine, 2017 - ★★★½

Interesting enough, although it doesn't really add anything to the "war is nuts" genre. Brad Pitt was his usual amazing actor, of course. New general comes into Afghanistan, looking to "win" this "war", both terms which were, and sadly still are, terribly and agonizingly ill-defined. He tries some things, most especially trying to take a province of little or no strategic value, thinking it will restore the tarnished American reputation. It doesn't...

Based on the book (and, originally, a Rolling Stone article) The Operators, which told the real life story of General Stanley McChrystal and his downfall because him and his men said to much to the Rolling Stone reporter. For some reason, these guys have their name changed, although I can't believe it is to protect the innocent.

May 28 2017

The Unseen World by Liz Moore Jonathan wants to read The Unseen World by Liz Moore

May 27 2017

Gregg Allman - Floating Bridge
Drum Taps by Walt Whitman Jonathan is currently reading Drum Taps by Walt Whitman

May 26 2017

Flashback Friday - The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

May 25 2017

May 24 2017

Sera Cahoone - Always Turn Around

May 23 2017

Great Idea For Photo

Great Idea For Photos | Best DIY Ideas

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