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March 28 2018

In This Moment - Black Wedding

March 26 2018

Elizabeth and the Catapult - Underwater

March 22 2018

Thievery Corporation - Voyage Libre

March 21 2018

cocktail virgin slut

cocktail virgin slut: hollow point

March 19 2018

Pale Waves - Heavenly

March 13 2018

In Bruges, 2008 - ★★★★½

Really fun, dark, violent movie. I enjoyed every twist and turn, and the gallows humor of it all.

March 05 2018

Kill Bill: Vol. 2, 2004 - ★★★★½

Not quite as over the top as Vol. 1, but more heartfelt and emotional. Still weird thinking about it in the post-Weinstein era but Uma Thurman is amazing in it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, 2017 - ★★★★½

These movies are just so much fun! This one tried to be a little too earnest in its portrayals of loves and losts, but still a blast to watch. The special effects are just amazing. I would kill to see a double feature of these first two movies on the big screen.

Monster's Ball, 2001 - ★★★★

It was pretty good. The actors were very believable, and were played with great earnestness. The story wasn't as deep as it would want you to believe and the motivations of the two main characters were a little fuzzy. Ms. Berry was absolutely luminous - maybe too much so, as you can't really see her as the frumpy widow.

March 01 2018

Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees

February 28 2018

Dungen - Loop

February 12 2018

Between The Sheets -

Between The Sheets - Rum Cocktail

Nouveau Sangaree

Nouveau Sangaree

February 06 2018

Goat Girl - The Man

January 24 2018

20th Century - All a

20th Century - All aboard for this legendary gin libation!

January 15 2018

John Wick: Chapter 2, 2017 - ★★★

Plenty of action and plenty of dead bodies. It gets a little exhausting, to be honest. And it looked like they had a cool thing in The Continental (the hitman cartel) but John burned his bridges and I'm not sure where they go next. He kept getting hit by cars and popping right up. Must be nice.

Run All Night, 2015 - ★★★★

Solid exciting take on the hit man trying to come in from the cold (sort of). No real surprises but plenty of action and heartfelt performances.

Sunny & 79° Ginned P

Sunny & 79° Ginned Pils - "This collab pairs traditional Bavarian pilsner style with a handful of summer’s most memorable flavors. Pilsner and Munich malt. Hallertau & Mandarina Bavaria hops. Dry spiced with juniper berry, lemon peel, coriander, cardamom." Barrel House Z, Weymouth MA (12oz 6.2%) Jan 2018

Scary Jesus Rock Sta

Scary Jesus Rock Star "Aromas of chamomile touch your nose as they lead into the soft body and mouthfeel of this liquid symphony. Just as your mind is clear and your sins are washed away, a tasty riff of sweet and earthy fresh apricots hit your palate and rock your tastebuds finishing dry and hoppy." Dark Horse Brewing Co., Marshall MI (12oz 6.5%) Jan 2018

Honey Orange Tripel

Honey Orange Tripel "For this recipe, our brewers drew inspiration from Belgian Golden Strong Ale, a style we love. We sought out the very best ingredients, sourcing wild honey from the African Bronze Honey Company, a member of the Fair Trade Federation and a certified B-Corp. The Seville orange peel is freshly ground 24 hours prior to the day we brew by the Old Town Spice Shop, less than one mile from our Fort Collins, Colorado brewery. In the end, we created a big, sweet and citrusy Belgian-st

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